Hockey Biomechanics work with professional teams, youth organizations and individual players all over the globe. Sessions and clinics have been conducted in Sweden, Russia, China and throughout North America.

The Shooting Tunnels -

Area has five shooting tunnels with ample space for players to work on shooting.   The surface of the shooting area is made up of almost 1,500 square feet of synthetic ice. The shooting area is framed in with rink boards, plexiglas and netting to provide a safe environment to shoot pucks.

Stride Board System -

Hockey Biomechanics took the simple concept of Slide Boards and created a system that coaches can use to teach the mechanics of skating off-ice. The system is call “The Hockey Kinesiology Stride System”. The HBI Coaches are able to teach the mechanics of good hockey skating posture, angle of the stride and increase strength with players ranging from mites to professional hockey players.

Skill Room - 

Hockey Biomechanics created a dedicated space to develop puck and stick skills. This area is dedicated to the skills required to handle the puck in tight areas, deflect the puck out of the air, finish off a rebound or just pure puck control.

Bandy Room - 

The Europeans play a game called Inebandy or FloorBall. This is most popular in Sweden and Finland. Many, if not all, the Swedish players playing in the NHL list this game as one of there favorite things to do other than hockey.