Train Your Brain



NeuroSportZone Brain Timing Training program is for athletes who are striving for excellence in their sport. Bringing their brain clock to a superior level to optimize athletic performance. We are dedicated to an athletes’ long-term understanding of how best to perform to their potential. Skills such as rhythm, timing, tempo which can not be taught by any mechanical drill.


Timing -

TIMING skills are the same as physical skills in that they can be taught, learned and practiced. Performance can be radically improved by employing Brain Timing skills training. We offer a uniquely individualized approach to achieving elite excellence.
Timing for Peak Performance in SPORTS

How does it work? -

Neurosportzone training challenges thinking and movement simultaneously, providing real-time millisecond feedback to help synchronize the body’s “internal clock.” By allowing for more efficient communication between the brain's functional networks.
Neurosportzone training allows your brain to send signals to your muscles faster. It helps your brain process stimuli ( a pitched ball) at a faster rate. By facilitating the transmission of information among the brain's various thought centers, it also helps users make decisions faster. Developing and strengthening the critical timing and rhythm in the brain's functional networks helps to improve neural efficiency and communication.

Skill vs. Execution - 

Whenever athletes make a mistake on the field, is it because they lack a particular skill or because they face difficulty in executing a skill?  On-the-field mistakes always become apparent to the players, coaches, and avid fans. Such mistakes can often cost a team a win. The question here is what can be done to reduce such mistakes, as well as to improve the precision and performance on field?  Skills are acquired through years of training and regular practice. With enough repetitions, an athlete can master a particular skill-set. This is because the skills become a part of your brain function (like a program for a computer). Every time you step outside on the field, you simply need to run this skills program from your brain.