• Sessions are 10-15 minutes long, 2-3 of which are in the tank with the rest of the time spent changing clothing and applying protective gear

  • 8 different programs for the client to choose from

  • Temperatures of the skin hover around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, with air that is below 320 Fahrenheit!

  • Allows vessels carrying blood and lymph fluid to constrict due to the cold.  This blood travels toward organs that are influential in filtering this blood (such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and more), where toxins can be removed and an exchange to good, filtered blood can take place.

  • As the body warm up again, the goal is that fresh enriched blood returns, hyper-oxygenated and full of nutrients, to the extremities (arms, legs, hips) to allow faster healing and recovery.

  • The effects of cryotherapy can continue for 1-2 days!  Just like the effects of high-intensity training (or HIT) for anaerobic exercise last longer due to the heart rate deferred effects; cryotherapy has the same type effect for recovering tissues.

  • A unique feature of our unit is that it also offers heat prior to your sessions so that you can go even colder

  • You can watch the progress of your session on a digital screen in the chamber

  • Our Cryosense machine can handle even the biggest professional athletes with its weight limit at 440lbs!